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Employment in Poland

Work permit is issued in Wielkopolska Voivodeship Office in Poznań, Citizen and Foreigner Department pl. Wolności 17.

There are two conditions to be met in order to work in Poland legally:

1. Legal stay in Poland (on the basis of a visa or a temporary stay permit)
Attention: you are not allowed to work in Poland legally on the basis of a tourist visa; during asylum procedure; under subsidiary protection; staying in Poland due to humanitarian help; due to state’s interest or international commitment; or in case you are staying in Poland on the basis of a temporary stay permit for a foreigner who resides Poland illegally.

2. A work permit or possibility to work without necessity of having a work permit.
When taking up a job it is necessary to make an official agreement with the employer – it must be prepared in a language you are able to understand.
Detailed information concerning legal work in Poland can be found at: MIP
If your rights as an employee are violated do not hesitate to report such situation to Labour Inspectorate in Poznań – 46/50 Św. Marcina St.

Business activity

Just like in the case of employment in order to set up own business in Poland one should stay on the territory of Poland legally and possess one of the following documents:
-    settlement permit
-    EU long term stay resident permit
-    temporary stay permit

Detailed information concerning business activity are available here: business
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