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Polish language

Language is very important aspect that makes our situation in a country of stay much easier. Polish language is quite difficult however our efforts will pay off very quickly.

Paid courses

Language courses are quite expensive – but when paying for a course you may be sure of the professional help of the teacher.

Schools and courses:

Kontakt - Centrum Języków Obcych

Active Study

Profi Lingua

Some of the non-governmental organization offer free language courses. Migrant Info Point provides information concerning such courses. See if there are any available at the moment.

If you are not able to afford yourself a language course but you are motivated enough to learn Polish, you may always start learning at home using following materials:

Here you may check your language skills:

If you desire to check which level of language acquisition you represent, here you will find appropriate tests:

Those who use Polish on some level and would like to receive a certificate: should visit the following website:

On the website you will find information concerning certification exams: enrollment, payments, criterion for the assessment.

For those who wish to improve their language skills we highly recommend on-line dictionaries of vocabulary and grammar: